Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More than Fittings and Fasteners

The old saying about slowly losing money by ‘nickel and dime’ does not really hold anymore.  Now there exists the potential for a much more rapid pace of cash outflow in the form of ‘five dollars and ten dollars.’  Or worse, as the saying goes, another BOAT Unit (Break Out Another Thousand.)  This time around on re-fitting a sailboat, we tried to work a little smarter.  All those stainless steel screws, nuts, bolts, washers or other fasteners are available in small or large quantities for a fraction of the price when shopped against local or national chandleries, and the quality is better than most local or national hardware stores.  The secret we are happy to share is McMaster Carr.  

When in Jacksonville, Florida, we use the Atlanta warehouse.  If our order is in by 6 pm Monday through Thursday (excepting holidays of course) we receive the shipment the next day.  Give it a test run and price compare, but you might want to sit down first and prepare to forgive yourself for what you previously paid at a chandlery.  That is water under the bridge.  

The savings are not just limited to the area of fasteners.  We have found their prices and quality of merchandise quite reasonable in other areas, such as: hydraulic lines and fittings, high pressure lines and fittings for our water makers, drill bits, hose clamps, pressure gauge – gosh – you name it.  We recently purchased a strainer for our primary bilge pump.  We saved over $30 this one item alone.

We do not make a nickel (or dime) by referring you to them.  We just want them to stay in business.

Click here for a link to McMaster Carr.

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